The Most Specialized Business Messenger

Expand your world of possibilities, connect with different businesses, talk about your projects or ideas, find your job or business. With the most specialized business messenger, remote workers can securely send documents, photographs, and other electronic files to any number of business professional.   DIRCT brings you a whole new experience of connecting with professionals. Our aim is to create a bridge between businesses by erasing the physical boundaries of the world. You can now interact not just with professionals, but also with businesses situated across any place, directly from your mobile device.   DIRCT brings the world of IT industry, import-export trade, real estate, travel & tourism, manpower & recruitment agencies, car & vehicle dealership companies, shipping companies and more at your fingertips. Login into your profile and start communicating with your fellow businesses just as you do on our website, also through our Android App. The most specialized business messenger provides mobile workforces with the flexibility to complete business communication on their device.   DIRCT has been connecting many businesses i.e. Wholesale Buyers with Manufacturers and Suppliers of a large range of products. Dirct allows extending business communication to your mobile workforce intuitive, easy and secure. With the most specialized business messenger you get a total solution, one with a unique combination of features that also extends the power of Dirct Business Messenger to smart devices.