Terms of use Agreement   This agreement between (Dirct site) and (User of the platform), It is an electronic platform that enables the user to communicate with others through the special system of the platform according to specific terms and controls. This Agreement is referred to as Dirct, and represents the first part here. The user is (the individual, institution or the company) who originates the electronic register that accesses to the site and benefits from its services directly or indirectly. Referred to him as the user, the member or the second part.  

Terms of registration and use: As a second part of this Agreement, by your approval to register and use Dirct services, you have to commit the following:

  • To be legally an adult.
  • provid the required information for registration.
  • Dirct has the right to accept or suspend your registration without previous notice, and we are entitled to take any action required to confirm your identity and registration requirements.
  • Acceptance and compliance with the terms of use of Dirct wrbsite and application.
By registering at Dirct, you accept the following conditions:
  • It is your responsibility to secure your privacy, and you agree to restrict access to your account, and use password to you only.
  • You are also responsible for all activities you perform on your account and password.
  • You have to notify us of any unauthorized use of your password, account or any breach of our secure use standards.
  • You will provide all accurate, true and current information about yourself and your user for services which we provide.
  • You shouldn’t inform anyone of the user information provided to you (except that is necessary).
  • You must not send any message containing the request or offer of any product or service consider a violation of domestic or international law.
  • You shouldn’t send any message containing sexual or racist content or advocates violence and hatred.
  • You must not send any content or attachment that is not compatible with local or international law.
  • You shouldn’t misuse the Site or the Application, violate any right of others, violate the security system or violate the rules relating to your account, or the instructions we provide to you.
  • You must not spread any virus, malware or technology that may infect our services or harm our users.
  • You must comply with the rules relating to copyrights, trademarks, patents, advertising ethics, database or any other intellectual property rights with any other user.
  • Business subscription fees are non-cancellable after activation.
  • Any message containing one or more the prohibited items will be deleted locally or internationally, once identified and prohibited, and Dirct has the right to permanently delete the user’s account, and Dirct has the authority to inform the competent authorities of the application of the necessary law.
  • Dirct site is not responsible for buying or selling operations, or any purchase between members, as we are a simple platform for users to communicate with each other, allowing us to modify, add or complete any of these terms, while we are entitled to do that any time.
  • Any updates will be posted on Dirct.net, if you continue to use our services, it is acceptable to comply with our new terms…..

  Privacy policy Your privacy is one of the main things we care about, so we include the following points that summarize the basic principles in maintaining the privacy of users and members of Dirct

Firstly It was working on Dirct platform to facilitate the process of communication and interaction between people in the business sector, not to collect personal data, and the data provided by you when you register it will only be used by you with your knowledge and your will only when you access the site.  

Internet Protocol address (IP) Any time you visit any website, the internet including this site will host the (Internet Protocol address) date and time of your visit, and type of internet browser you are using and which URL you use and the URL of the internet sites that you refer to this web site.


Links to other web sites on internet may include links to other websites. We aren’t responsible for those sites, you can review our privacy policies and cotent of those sites accessed through any link within this site.  

We are committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all personal data provided. Thses information will not be disclosed unless requires by judicial or legal order.  

Data which is needed to perform the  transactions requested by you when we need to, we will ask for any information about you of your own volition. This information will help us contact you and execute your requests wherever possible. The data provided by you will never be sold to any third part in any way.  

Modifications on the privacy policy, we reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of the privacy policy if necessary and when appropriate. This modifications will be posted on the privacy policy page.


We work for the services of our users and this service is achieved first by maintaining the privacy of the data provided to us is one of our most important priorities and we pledge to keep it.