Join, Chat and Engage with Business Community

People everywhere want to be a part of a community, and Dirct users around the world share this desire. People want to be able to gather around shared interests and common passions – and have a joint way to easily and instantly communicate. Dirct Communities is the perfect way to bring people together based on their shared interest in any business category, through an app they use regularly – their favourite messenger. We will give you the tips you need to start your very own Community with an unlimited number of participating members. Now we will discuss how you can manage and grow your Community and engage as many people who use Dirct as possible. Choose your Community’s main principles and guidelines A successful and engaged business community will usually have a clear purpose and guidelines that members can identify with and follow. Begin by defining the main guidelines your Community members will have to follow. Let your Community members know you discourage spam and inappropriate content, and explain to them what types of activities are permitted in your Business Community and what you won’t allow. Make it simple for Community members to remember – pin your guidelines to the top of the chat. Do your research when building your guidelines. Join and participate in other Communities to get an idea of the things you like and dislike, how you would like your Business Community to run and what type of style you want to use. Think about which guidelines might be necessary. For example, members posting abusive and inappropriate messages could annoy the other members, and could even cause people to leave the Community.