How to Use Dirct Messenger for Your Business

Looking for a new way to connect with customers and prospects on Dirct? Have you considered Dirct Messenger? Messenger for business pages makes it easy to offer instant one-on-one customer service, while keeping a record of the conversation. The increasing importance of Dirct Messenger for business becomes even clearer when you look at messaging in the context of overall social network usage trends. The user base of messaging apps has now outgrown that of social networks. According to Business Insider, the top four messaging apps have a combined 500 million more monthly active users than the top four social networks. Now that you know why your brand should be using Dirct Messenger, this Dirct Messenger guide will dive into how to set messaging up for your Dirct Page and some effective ways to incorporate messaging into your Dirct marketing strategy, as well as how Dirct Messenger can simplify your communications with colleagues and customers. Before you can begin the fun work of coming up with ways to use Dirct Messenger creatively to build your brand, you need to do the slightly less glamorous work of actually setting up Dirct Messenger to work with your Dirct Page. On that note, if you don’t already have a Dirct Page set up for your business (what!?), you’ll need to create one before you can use Dirct Messenger for business.