How to Resume Business Post Coronavirus

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the post-COVID world presents new business challenges and considerations. Here's what to know if you're resuming a business now. For aspiring entrepreneurs, the thought of resuming business in the current climate may seem daunting at best and foolish at worst. Big grand opening events are out of the question, and depending on your industry and location, you may not even be able to operate at your full capacity for months to come. If you haven't yet gotten your business off the ground, you don't necessarily have to put your dreams on hold. However, you do need to adapt to the new realities of the post-COVID business world and prepare for the challenges that come with it. And for many, that means pivoting to working for themselves for the first time and resuming a new business. However, the world has changed since it went into lockdown, accelerating many of the trends which were predicted to happen over the next five years: increased working from home, air travel once again becoming a luxury due to environmental concerns, shopping local, streaming overtaking cinema, boosting the green economy, etc. As the world experiences an unprecedented global health crisis, businesses in nearly every consumer category have ground to a halt, facing an uncertain future that could look a lot different than anyone expected. Consumer behaviors stand to shift dramatically, influenced by untold weeks of a combination of social isolation, shopping online, working from home, and not working at all. People are being forced to work from home, but their whole life is being forced to adapt digitally. These behaviors will not disappear once the quarantine is over, it’s very likely that people who have been forced to adopt digital practices will continue these. Consumer appetite for delivery services is going to continue after the crisis is over and retailers [that] are unable to fulfill are unlikely to succeed, even in a post-COVID world.