Dirct – The Best Instant Messaging App for Business

Communicating on your phone has gone far beyond simple SMS messages and voice calls. We have social messengers, secret messengers, professional messengers and power-packed messengers, so it can be difficult to settle on which services are worth your time. If you need a little help deciding what to use to ask your friends if they're free for coffee or ranting with gifs about the latest episode and what morons your favourite characters are being, here are our favourites. Connectivity matters in a mobile society. Even a few minutes offline can leave users out of the loop when it comes to sharing information. Fortunately, users have a wide variety of messaging apps at their disposal. Messaging apps have many different functions. They can be used for simple chat conversations, or they can be used to share more complicated information like business details. In addition, messaging apps can be used for casual chatting or business purposes. Regardless of use, these kinds of apps create an efficient line of communication and a great alternative to phone conversations. Most smartphones support a wide variety of messaging apps. The large number of devices and operating systems available on the market (like Android and iOS) allow users to stay connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the wide range of apps on the market means that users have many different ways to satisfy their mobile communication needs. It's probably not a surprise to you, but you or our employees are probably already using instant messaging for business. Formally or informally their likely having conversations with each other or even with customers over instant messaging programs. At Dirct we've created a Messaging App CRM for business and written extensively on the Most Popular Messaging Apps by Country. What Exactly is an Instant Messaging for Business? Usually, instant messaging for business is more commonly known as the Dirct – Business Messenger. Put simply, it is a text-message exchange process through software application in real-time. Enterprises mainly use these apps to share information between employees; which, in another sense, also forges a faster decision-making process within your team. Why Should I Use Instant Messaging for Business Programs? IMs like Dirct Messenger didn't just pop up out of nowhere. The reason for the massive adoption of IMs like Facebook or WhatsApp among employees is the ease of use and rapid responses they provide. Other methods of workplace communication are less efficient: emails require formatting & carefully written dialog. This causes stress among employees. Whereas IMs have fewer expectations attached and so travel back and forth much faster.