Dirct Messenger – A Platform for Real Estate Brokers

A real estate community is more than you think: it includes customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. A strong stakeholder model means belonging to the best online communities and business social networks.   A real estate network or group is what you make of it.   In the right network, your business can prosper.   In the wrong network, you're wasting time. Develop a network or community with other people who want to connect, communicate and succeed in business.   As a real estate broker, an online social network might be a good peer-to-peer networking opportunity. Real Estate Brokers, by the very nature of running a real estate business, don’t have the luxury of a big network of like-minded professionals. Everyone has their own niche, interests, or business plan—so where can you turn for advice, business loan help, feedback, and even commiseration? Dirct is one of the best online Real Estate Community!! Whether you’re just starting a real estate business or growing it into its next stage, you’d benefit from having somewhere to discuss issues and find solutions. Why waste your time reinventing the wheel? You’ve got the next best thing up ahead. The genius of branded communities – when done well – is that they create a participatory experience for the customer. Instead of projecting need for your product/service and value-driven content onto the customer and perpetuating the ‘us-them’ relationship, you’re dissolving boundaries and forming a ‘we’ experience – a community. You’re opening the door, welcoming them in for coffee, inviting feedback and providing a space for interacting with like-minded individuals.