DIRCT Features:

Nowadays, instant messaging is the need for all users and business providers.

we create Dirct app to help contact business provider any time ,you can in Real-Time send text,files and send photos

Easy to use, access and chat with the largest number of target sector,that you can get many offers from them

all messages guaranteeing velocity and reach to others . To help you reach to what you need ,so all business providers in your hand,

Benifits of Dirct
Business Sector

Dirct is one the best live chat
platform for business messaging

Receive messages

Dirct is designed to help your business and facilitate customer access to you, through instant messages and chatting with potential clients.

Receive messages

we help your business to growth by receive messages from Potential customers.

Receive messages

help you to access to the largest number of potential customers and help them and make presentations to them.

how dirct works

for businessmen & professionals= for users & business providers Here are the simple steps in order to communicate.

Firstly, select the region you want.

Then select the business sector that you need send your message to it ((e.g.RealEstate,Auto Dealership, Woodworking etc)).

Then simply compose your message. You can write whatever you need ,then send.

Once business providers reply to your message you can start chatting with them.

Every message that you send and received can be stored on the cloud so that you can go back to them if you ever need offsetTop